Book of the Week 10: When Breath Becomes Air

You’re constantly pushing yourself to be the best you can be, every day. You go to the gym when you could have gone straight home to unwind on Netflix right away. You put in that extra hour studying for the exam. You’ve been doing this for years, your entire life, just to reach your greatest goal.

And in an instant, everything you’ve worked so hard for gets taken away.

A book unlike my previous reviews, usually in self-help or business, this quick memoir of a neurosurgeon easily became a bestseller during its release early this year, claiming a solid 4.37/5 rating on Goodreads with over 24,000 ratings. After spotting this book in a Barnes and Noble and looking up its stats, I decided to give this a shot, and oh was it so worthwhile.

25614898Rating: 5/5

Verdict: Quick, impactful memoir providing a rare perspective on insights in the medical field, in life and death, in chasing your passions, and in forming meaningful relationships with everyone you meet. Absolutely emotional in every regard.

Paul Kalanithi loved the little intricacies in the laws of science, particularly in how the brain works and how it’s able to enable every action we perform. He equally loved the world of literature as it provides access to human meaning and brings the aforementioned laws of science into communion.

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Book of the Week 7: The Only Pirate At The Party

It’s been too long, a full three months! I’ve been keeping up with my weekly readings, but not so much at all with these reviews, ahhh! I’ll be trying to make it a priority as I catch up with the books I’ve read throughout the past months.

This week, one I had been waiting on for quite a while. I’m excited to get this review started!

25330544Rating: 5/5

Verdict: Fun, inspiring, genuine. Her personality shines so strongly through her words, similar to the way she speaks on her social media and interviews. A quick autobiography that’s definitely worth the read!

Lindsey Stirling has always been one of my top role models ever since the first year of her inception on YouTube. Dancing violinist playing EDM and dubstep, as well as video game covers? EASILY sold. The fact that her sheer introduction crosses the boundaries the creativity already had me sold. I pre-ordered this book as early as last summer, and it finally got to my house last month on its first day of release. I was so excited!

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