Book of the Week 11: Made To Stick

Two superheroes, two teams, fighting each other to the death. Each superhero has firm beliefs in what they are fighting for. There is no true villain. Who do you cheer for?

Captain America: Civil War is such a great movie thanks to not only its great writing and humor, but also to the principles in this book.

Every day I’m constantly thinking about ideation. What makes ideas creative? What makes ideas survive for years? What makes ideas bad? After reading through this book, you’ll see not only how Civil War became such a great hit but also just how easy spotting a great idea really is, once you’re exposed to the concepts in this book. Let’s check it out.

Disclaimer: I’ll be using this superhero blockbuster as my example throughout this post, and while I’ll try to hold back on spoilers, some details may spill just enough to ruin it for you. You’ve been warned!

69242Rating: 5/5

Verdict: Clearly the authors took their own advice into making this book such a success.

SUCCESS – if you could only remember one word from this book, it would be this. Chip and Dan Heath establish the six key qualities of ideas that truly last: simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, and stories. Add an extra ‘s’ for good luck and you get “success.” Each principle explained below:

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