Book of the Week 9: Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual

This (insert length of time not being a week)’s book features a well-rounded approach to life… specifically for software developers. I’m in the software field (and just starting out too so what better time!), I read, and I’m striving for a balanced life, so of course the sheer title of this book caught my eye!

23232941Rating: 3/5

Verdict: Lots of useful points throughout the book, but too broad and too introductory.

John Sonmez has quite a resume. Aside from being a developer, he dived into the realms of bodybuilding competitions, real estate, online course content creation, and writing – both in blogging and in this book. While he doesn’t brag about these achievements in the beginning or on the cover to attract your immediate attention, you see him bringing up these chapters of his life as he gives himself credibility to this holistic message. If you’re a software developer and you could only read one book in your life, this would probably be it.

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1 Year in Software Engineering. 7 Lessons.

Early April marks the first full year of my engineering career. Having already received my annual review, I decided to start this topic early. There are SO many fundamental skills that I’ve learned that I hadn’t picked up in school or any of my past engineering jobs, and I definitely want to share them out here in the open.

Lesson #1: Explaining Design

I’ve been learning that my main flaw is trying to both understand and explain software design beyond the surface level.

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