Why Do We Kill Our Legs?

Four and a half years ago in my hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii, a 92-year-old woman claimed the spot as the oldest marathon finisher at the Honolulu Marathon.

This past weekend, in my new hometown of San Diego, another 92-year-old woman stole the spot as the oldest marathon finisher at the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon. Not only did this woman Harriette Thompson steal the record of oldest finisher by 74 days, but she also finished two and a half hours faster, resulting in a total time of 7:24:36, or about 17 minutes per mile.

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Traveling the World in 2 Hours!

During Memorial Day weekend, I decided to explore downtown San Diego on my own for the first time. Living all the way up in Carlsbad, about 30 miles away, without a car makes this a long and/or expensive trip, but with the Smash tournament going on later that evening I figured I’d make the most of my day in downtown while I’m there. First stop, Balboa Park, possibly the most iconic landmark of San Diego (celebrating its 100th anniversary this year!). Known for over a dozen museums, theaters, gardens, and its zoo, even without a plan for the day I knew I’d enjoy myself there. I was just planning to check out a few museums, perhaps sit down somewhere and read, but turns out there was this fantastic event going on: the Annual Ethnic Food Fair. Coincidentally I was just dropped off from my Uber ride at the one spot in Balboa Park where this was taking place.

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Book of the Week 1: The Millionaire Next Door

About once a week, I’ll be trying to review a book (book of the week, or BOTW) that I have just finished, ideally within the past month. With this, I’ll ideally be reading regularly, I’ll actually remember and refer to what I’ve read through these reviews, and you yourself get to join me on this fantastic path to reaching our ideal selves!

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San Diego Super Smash!

Hello! Today I’ll be talking about the world of Super Smash Bros!

Today I’ve just had my first experience in a major tournament within the city of San Diego. If you want to read about it already, just jump straight down here. Otherwise, for all the introductions with Smash and whatnot, read on.

Why Smash?

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Buy a Mentor!

Think of the most successful person you know. If he or she were you mentor, what would you ask him or her?

Whatever they may be, well, they’ll be more than happy to tell you! For just a few dollars for unlimited access to this mentor, or for free if for a few weeks from this nerdy place called a library.

That’s right, we’re diving into the world of books in this post (why I have that bookworm category lingering there in that menu!), and I figured this would be the best first non-introductory post on this blog. Books have become such a huge part of my life the past few years and I believe are really the foundation of the way I live and think today.

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Welcome to the Creation Game


You’ve reached one of the many creation corners of the Internet! Why stay here? (If you haven’t yet, check out my About page first!) As a fresh college grad, my mind has opened up so much to what the world has to offer, and every day I’m trying to figure things out and try to not just survive but exceed in life. My goal is to explore my world of creativity – in every shape and form, or the “full stack.” Not just in the arts! Not just on the web! See for yourself! I’ll be blogging about the following:

  • Arts and Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Technology and Inventions
  • Creating Our Future
  • Creating Our Ideal Selves
  • Creating a Step Closer to Utopia

If you’ve also just recently finished your education and are starting out in the real world, no matter what field there’s no doubt it’s pretty intimidating, and I am quite so intimidated myself as I’ve just started working my first full-time job last month in April 2015! We kids in our early 20’s – we’ve got a lot of catching up to do, especially as creatives. Consumers, they’ve got it easy. They’re simply absorbing everything that’s thrown at them. Us creators, we’re creating it; we’re using every ounce of brain power to bring new things to life every single day. And without us, there wouldn’t be anything in this world! The creation game is gonna be difficult, but I hope you join this aspiring innovator on this crazy ride.

For everyone else, I’ll be sharing not just inspiration of good art, good apps, good designs, or even good books, but my thoughts of how people make them, how people come up with the idea, and how people come up with how to come up with the idea. I’ll be scavenging throughout the world’s resources on creativity, again not just in the arts but in every aspect of our lives, including our own future and society. On thinking, on better ourselves, on success and striving for sheer happiness and bliss. We’re unicorns. Or at least striving to become one.

If we’re gonna make something, let’s make it big.