2017 and My Year of Smash

2017 has been… oddly easy for me, outside of Smash. In the Smash world… it’s been a climb.

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Smash in the Northeast 3/3: The Tournament

On the first weekend of this month, I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the east coast for the first time!

I had signed up for an international Super Smash Bros tournament (and if you’ve been following for a while, this isn’t new haha) in New Jersey, but having flown into Newark I also took advantage of exploring New York for my first time as well. In this post, I’ll be writing up about the tournament, as well as the places I checked out within a mere three days.

The Smash Tournament

This tournament, “Shots Fired,” marks my fifth (inter)national Super Smash Bros. tournament, so I was finally getting confident with placing well this time, at least top 32 out of about 162.

When I was dropped off by my Uber driver to the location, it seemed as if I had the wrong location. There weren’t many cars in the parking lot, and Google said that this building belonged to a technology corporation called Sita Corp. I walk in, and it completely looks like a professional office building, but with pieces of paper along the walls saying “SMASH” with arrows. It felt completely sketchy. A few others were walking around with a similarly confused look on their faces. I arrive there in a separate room however and all is good!

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Smash and Travel: Las Vegas

This past July in Las Vegas, I went to my first international Super Smash Bros. tournament ever. It was a life changer. (Talk about a delayed post!)

It was known to host almost 2000 entrants from all around the world, just for this one game (this event hosted a few more tournaments for other games as well, but Super Smash for the Wii U, or Smash 4, was the most popular). Mostly from the US, of course given the location, but there were still people I’ve met from Canada, from Mexico, from Japan, even from across Europe. 2000 of us nerds at this one place known for partying, drinking, getting laid, and all we’re here for is to play video games. Let’s see what life has planned for us this weekend.

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San Diego Super Smash!

Hello! Today I’ll be talking about the world of Super Smash Bros!

Today I’ve just had my first experience in a major tournament within the city of San Diego. If you want to read about it already, just jump straight down here. Otherwise, for all the introductions with Smash and whatnot, read on.

Why Smash?

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