About Who

dkcrewHello! I go by the name Kevin Who on social media. I’m a fresh college grad, class of 2014, from Hawaii born and raised. I got two bachelor’s degrees, one in computer engineering and one in art! I had just moved out to the greater San Diego area to work full-time as a software engineer, working up to hopefully become a full-stack creator of both development and design. While not coding or designing, I’m spending majority of my time playing Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U as an almost-professional gamer, reading at least one non-fiction book a week learning about anything and everything, running and gymming, and exploring the world from within San Diego to who knows where.

In this corner of the Internet, you’ll find me climbing my way to become the best individual I can be as I discuss about art and design, engineering and development, reviews about what I’ve learned from books, the precious moments I get from playing Smash, and my travel adventures that tend to go along with it. Thanks for stopping by!


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