Smash in the Northeast 3/3: The Tournament

On the first weekend of this month, I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the east coast for the first time!

I had signed up for an international Super Smash Bros tournament (and if you’ve been following for a while, this isn’t new haha) in New Jersey, but having flown into Newark I also took advantage of exploring New York for my first time as well. In this post, I’ll be writing up about the tournament, as well as the places I checked out within a mere three days.

The Smash Tournament

This tournament, “Shots Fired,” marks my fifth (inter)national Super Smash Bros. tournament, so I was finally getting confident with placing well this time, at least top 32 out of about 162.

When I was dropped off by my Uber driver to the location, it seemed as if I had the wrong location. There weren’t many cars in the parking lot, and Google said that this building belonged to a technology corporation called Sita Corp. I walk in, and it completely looks like a professional office building, but with pieces of paper along the walls saying “SMASH” with arrows. It felt completely sketchy. A few others were walking around with a similarly confused look on their faces. I arrive there in a separate room however and all is good!

They had about twenty Wii U consoles available, which is actually pretty good for the number of entrants. The goal was to finish pools for 80 people within two hours (the other 80 players playing the following two hours) and having that many stations made everything rather timely. It was rather well run in that regard.

The odd part about having a tournament of this scale was that there was no check-in station or anything. No badge to wear saying you’re a participant, especially since there was a spectator’s fee (a hefty $40 for early sign-ups too, $50 for the participant). With that, several people got free wins on their first round due to people not showing up, rather than reformatting the bracket. This took a lot of time as well, since the present player would have to wait over ten minutes to confirm that the opponent is a no-show.

In terms of my actual matches, I did a little worse than I would have hoped. My first match I had won against this Robin player who actually ended up placing higher than I did, which was a little frustrating to realize later. I had lost to a top-ranked Peach player from Connecticut, I believe #2 in his state, although it was a rather close match. On the losers bracket (the tournament being double-elimination, as all Smash tournaments are), I lose to a Ness player because I had messed up a bit on my spacing at a critical moment off stage, losing when I had a huge advantage. I ended up getting 33rd out of 162, which was close to my goal, but still not quite. Lots of the Smash community were talking about how people in the top 32 would place, so I was rather upset that I was THAT close to getting recognition throughout the states!

Everyone I played there outside the tournament was extremely friendly! They all loved playing against me, and I definitely held my own throughout majority of the day. The best part of the tournament experience for me is making these connections, keeping in touch with them on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and just watching everyone improve and talk about a shared passion.

I even managed to get several games with a top player from Japan with the tag of 9B (who placed 5th), winning about a third of our matches. This top-quality training experience is super hard to find, just like with anything life, so I definitely took advantage of it and leveled up a lot from it. Being able to communicate with him despite a language barrier was amazing in its own right as well.


That wraps up my New York / New Jersey trip! Despite all that I did, there’s still so much to do! Fortunately there are quite a number of Smash tournaments coming up in this area, so I’ll be more than likely coming back to the area in the near future. Places in mind include the Met, Broadway, Museum of National History, and actually hitting up the Statue of Liberty. Can’t wait!

1/3: New Jersey
2/3: New York


Author: Kevin Who

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