Icon A Day

Icon A Day is an awesome project started by Marko Stupić of Five Agency, a mobile design and development firm. Since August of last year, Marko decided to challenge himself by drawing an icon every day for an entire year. They naturally became full-on illustrations as Marko became a stronger designer, and by the end of this month Marko will have reached his full year! The above left icon was his very first illustration for this project, and the right illustration depicts his illustration skills 11 months later.

His blog post talking about this challenge is exactly everything I would have said if he did not write it up himself. He talks about commitment, putting in consistent work, and getting feedback and support from friends and the design community. There’s no secret to becoming an amazing designer, but if there were, this project is it. His design skills definitely surpass mine, even when he just started this project, and the amount of effort he’s put into this shows as his most recent work is simply jaw-dropping.

Definitely something I will consider doing sometime in the near future, my main reason for writing up this post so I myself don’t forget about it! Check out his work by clicking the images above (or here)!


Author: Kevin Who

Developer. Designer. Smasher. Reader. Creator.

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