Uber Life – Labor Day

I’ve always been against owning my own car if I don’t need it. Meeting people through Uber is one of my strongest reasons to keep this lifestyle going.


I spent this past Labor Day weekend in Ontario (California) for a national Smash tournament on Saturday and Sunday, and spent the actual Labor Day in Irvine simply because that was where my friend whom I carpooled with stayed. After a long three-day weekend, I finally got back home ready preparing for a new work week.

On the way back home, I took the train from Irvine Station back to my local station in Carlsbad, calling an Uber ride to finish off the journey back home. In this short ten-minute drive, I learned the following:

  1. My Uber driver originated from Iran and moved to San Diego 20 years ago because of “America, the Land of Opportunity.” Why San Diego particularly? “Why not?”
  2. His people are required to enroll in service when they reach 18 years old. He was fortunate enough to avoid it because after deferring his enrollment due to university studies, the war with Saddam Hussein had just ended. Unfortunately he had several friends who died in the war, but he says it makes him part of who he is today, plus it makes a vivid memory to share with his friends who survived with him.
  3. His years in Iran was a momentous time in his life, but alas the past is in the past. Now that he’s in America, who knows what will happen next? He may be too old make much of an opportunity himself here according to him, but he hopes that his kids, whatever they do, will make it big.
  4. Following the above bullet, he says to treat life just like how his working with Uber goes. He picks someone up, not knowing who they are and not knowing where he’ll end up next. But during each ride, just enjoy the moment and make the most of it. Once the ride is over, see what happens from there. Just take life as it goes.

Definitely something to take home for the night. I’ve heard plenty of interesting stories (in a good way! Not a single bad one) from riding Uber but for some reason never shared them on here. Expect more (follow the “Uber Life” tag in Lifestyle) in the near future!


Author: Kevin Who

Developer. Designer. Smasher. Reader. Creator.

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